How could we use technology effectively

  Considering the SAMR Matrix and McLuhan’s 4 Tetrans, how would I ensure that I am using IPad effectively in my class?


Considering the SAMR Model, teachers can evaluate whether or not a new technology is worth investing the time needed to master it’s use and get to the redefinition phase described by the model.

A piece of technology such as IPAD has many functions and applications that can be used in a classroom setting. Before using this new hardware/software I would consult the schools IT policy to see how it applies to this new tool. I would want to ensure that all functions of it are covered by the policy.

If I were to use Ipads as a tool in my classroom I would make sure there are clear guidelines on their use as it could end up distracting the students if they were accessing games or other apps while they were supposed to be on task.

As a teacher one creative way I would use the Ipad in the classroom would have the students bring them on a field trip to the Yukon Quest checkpoint. The students would take pictures and videos during the day to document the field trip. Perhaps they could ask questions of the mushers and handlers and record their responses using the Ipad. Back in the classroom the students can create a story about the Yukon Quest using the pictures and videos from the field trip. As part of learning about the quest the students could use Google Earth to learn about the quest trail. The students could follow the mushers along the trail using Google Earth to plot their location during the race.

Substitute                                                                                                                                      Word processing replaces handwriting.                                                                      Augmentation                                                                                                                  Incorporate pictures and videos.                                                                                Modification                                                                                                                              Stories can be shared on a site such as word press.                                               Redefinition                                                                                                                                    Use Google Earth to learn about the entire Yukon Quest Trail. It can be                           used daily to place the mushers on the trail using official times.

I have included the following link of examples teachers give lessons modified through the SAMR Model.


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